Redondo Beach Apartments: What Renters Need To Know

Located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles, California, Redondo Beach is one of the most popular cities along the Southern part of Santa Monica Bay. This coastal city is an excellent option for renters who are seeking a town that has it all – beaches, nightlife, oceanfront views, shopping, and outdoor events can all be found in this safe and vibrant community.

If you’re looking for a place to rent, you would do well to consider settling down in this warm oceanside destination. Let’s look at what makes Redondo Beach such a sought-after residential location.

Living in Redondo Beach 

What’s it like to live in Redondo Beach? In a word: exciting. There is no shortage of things to see and do in Redondo Beach. The highlight, of course, is the beach itself which spans nearly a mile and a half in length starting at the Redondo Beach Pier and ending in nearby Torrance Beach. If you’re an avid beachgoer or water sports fanatic, you’re going to love the activities available to you here. You’ll find easy access to things like swimming, surfing, sailing, and windsurfing in this seaside town. Scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling are also easy to enjoy here. 

If you’re more of a landlubber, you’ll still find plenty to do in Redondo Beach. Whether it’s beach volleyball, hiking, or just lying out in the sun and working on your tan. 

After you’ve spent your time in the sand and surf, you’ll find a full array of bars and restaurants for dining and enjoying a drink or two while soaking up more of the local color. 

Redondo Beach also is also home to a performing arts center, serval museums, fifteen city parks, and a year-long calendar of annual events including car shows, concerts, cultural festivals, holiday occasions, surfing contests, and more. With scenic views all around, you will have no trouble finding something fun and new to discover every week of the year in Redondo Beach! 

Things to do in Redondo Beach 

There is no shortage of interesting things to do all around Redondo Beach. The most famous is the Redondo Beach Pier and it’s a great place to visit first. There you can get a feel for the heart of the city, with all of its oceanfront bars and restaurants. There is also a range of opportunities for getting out on the water at the pier, be it a cruise around the harbor, paddle-boarding, whale-watching tours, and kayaks or pedal boats. 

If you enjoy hiking as much as water sports, then you’ll want to take a trip to Hopkins Wilderness Park. Established in 1977, this 11-acre development offers everything you could possibly want – dense forests, wide-open meadows, a quaint pond, and a wealth of overnight camping areas. There is also an amphitheater space and a place to enjoy an outdoor picnic. Admission to the park is free and the hours are 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, seven days a week. 

For foodies, Redondo Beach has some of the best restaurants and eateries in all of the South Bay. No matter what you’re craving you’re sure to find an excellent option nearby. Some popular cuisines that can be found include Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Cuban, and Greek food. Since Redondo Beach is so close to the water, you won’t be surprised to discover the freshest seafood available, cooked, baked, or in the raw at one of the many sushi and poke shops in town.

Residents in Redondo Beach

The average age of Redondo Beach natives is 37, while the average of new residents is 48. This gives Redondo Beach a median age of 40.7 years old, according to the American Community Survey (ACS) of the Census Bureau. 

The current population of Redondo Beach is 67,423 with 48% of residents renting their homes. These demographics also demonstrate this as a community of families as children make up a combined 22% of the population. 

There is an even split in population among age ranges of 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55-64 with each range making up around 14%-16% of the population in Redondo Beach. 

Education levels of Redondo Beach residents are higher than or close to the national average. Those who have earned a Master’s Degree or higher make up 24% of the city population, doubling the national average. Those holding a Bachelor’s Degree are at 37%. Those who have completed some portion of college or earned an associate’s degree are at 26% nearly matching the national average of 29%. 

Schools in Redondo Beach 

The Redondo Beach Unified School District has earned high marks as one of the top school districts in the state of California. According to, the RBUSD is ranked at the top as the best school district for student-athletes. For the all-around best school district and safest school district in California, the RBUSD has been ranked 14th

The RBUSD includes eight elementary, two middle, and one high school along with one continuation and one adult education school. All these schools make up one of the top ten school districts in Los Angeles County, ranking 6th as the best district to teach, with the best teachers in the district, and the overall best school district in the county. 

There are currently 10,123 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten and K-12 classes across the 13 schools throughout the district. The RBUSD has a 93% graduation rate with an average SAT score of 1250 (630 math, 620 verbal). 

For teachers, RBUSD has an annual teacher salary of $97,513 with a teacher-to-student ratio of 26:1 (slightly higher than the national average of 17:1). Education costs for Redondo Beach per student have been calculated at $12,662, again, slightly higher than the national average of $12,239. 

Families who are considering Redondo Beach as a place to rent a home for any length of time will be happy to know this is a peaceful and safe community with good schools that have been given a ranking of A or higher in everything from academics and teachers to diversity and college prep. Sports, resources, facilities, and health and safety have all earned high marks with

Different areas of Redondo

Redondo Beach is made up of two separate sections – North and South Redondo Beach. Each offers something different to renters depending on what kind of environment makes you feel the most comfortable. The Northern part of Redondo Beach is more commercial and populated with shopping malls, retail shops, and industrial parks. Southern Redondo has more of a suburban ambiance positioned in closer proximity to the ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Both areas have their undeniable charms, so the decision of which is preferable comes to your personality and desired living situation. 

North Redondo Beach 

If North Redondo sounds like it might be the place for you, check out these neighborhoods in this northern portion of the city:

Villas North

This neighborhood is populated with various parks and offers quick routes to the local freeways, making Villas North ideal for renters who commute to work every morning. The area is also a little less than three miles away from Manhattan Beach Pier. 

Villas South 

The Villas South neighborhood also offers equal proximity to the closest freeways and the most popular beaches. If you’re looking to rent in a multi-unit building, you’ll find those located between Artesia Blvd. and Grant Ave. while the rest of the neighborhood is populated with single-family homes and townhouses. 

Golden Hills

If you like spending time in Hermosa Beach, the Golden Hills area is for you because it’s practically the doorstep to East Hermosa. 

El Nido

This part of North Redondo is typified by its lush greenery and hills. 

South Redondo Beach

Maybe you would prefer living in the Southern part of Redondo Beach. You have a few choices at your disposal. Check out these areas: 

North of Torrance Blvd

When you think of an idyllic beachside town and the relaxed atmosphere it calls to mind, you’re thinking of the area North of Torrance Blvd. This neighborhood is also one of the most family-friendly areas in this part of the city. 

South of Torrance Blvd.

Winding streets and lush greenery are two of the many identifying factors of the area South of Torrance Blvd. The topography of this neighborhood affords many areas where you can enjoy ocean views and city views in one place. 

West of PCH

Full of cafes and restaurants, West of PCH in South Redondo Beach is ideal for those who like to get out of the house and enjoy the local nightlife. The Esplanade, a boardwalk stretch along the sand, is also located here. You can find joggers and surfers congregating here daily. 

Nearby Areas 

Redondo Beach is one of many popular beach towns along the South Bay. But there is so much more to see and do in the nearby areas of Redondo. 

Manhattan Beach

This little slice of heaven has its own gorgeous beach and pier known as the Manhattan Beach Pier. But if Redondo Beach is the relaxed, family-friendly oceanfront town, Manhattan Beach is the trendy, stylish neighbor. You’ll find a full array of high-end shops and hip restaurants from world-famous chefs. Much like in Redondo, Manhattan Beach has annual outdoor events and festivals. You may even spot a celebrity or two walking by. 

Torrance Beach

The somewhat quieter neighbor in the South Bay, Torrance Beach offers bike paths, soft sand, and lots of room to kick back and lie under the sun without all the crowds. This area is still the best-kept secret of the South Bay as it provides more surf and sand with lots of parking. Believe me, if you’re new to this area, you will quickly appreciate this all too hard to find amenity.

Apartments in Redondo Beach

This is a very popular city in Southern California and while there are vacancies throughout the area, you need to act fast because they go quick.

Types of Apartments 

You will find all types of apartments in Redondo Beach. From townhouses to condominiums, apartment complexes and guest houses, apartment units are plentiful throughout all of the South Bay. 

Which type is right for you? 

First-time tenants and long-term renters should always consider the following criteria for deciding which type of apartment is best-suited for their personality, lifestyle, and budget. 

Room count and square footage 

This is going to be your home, so how many individuals will you need to accommodate? Consider who will be living in the apartment and you can decide on the number of bedrooms that will be necessary. These considerations will affect the square footage of the unit. There are many factors that could determine how much you could be paying in rent. Location plays a large role, and so does space. 

How much space do you need?

Often tenants can find themselves living on top of their stuff because they didn’t carefully consider how much closet and storage capacity they need. If you are living with a spouse or roommates, the quickest way to reach disagreements and resentments is not having enough space to put things away. When choosing an apartment in Redondo Beach, it can be helpful to view apartments of various sizes and layouts before deciding which one will suit you best. 

Amenities and Features

Everyone wants to move into a clean, new, updated unit, and there are various features you can look for to confirm whether a unit was recently refurbished or renovated.

Granite countertops are highly resilient and they look great. Kitchens or bathrooms with this type of counter will often be found in units that have been well-maintained by property owners. Many buildings in the area will have a common laundry room but if you want true convenience and privacy, you should seek out dwellings with washers/dryers in the units. This way you can do your laundry when you want, instead of as per the building’s guidelines or restrictions on laundry room use, particularly late at night. 

Of course, units that have been recently renovated or refurbished give you the best fresh start in that dwelling. This goes beyond just a new coat of paint. You want to be sure that your fixtures and cabinets are all in excellent condition and that there are no issues in your apartment that could haunt you later in your tenancy. 

Finally, good parking is not to be underestimated in Redondo Beach. Some neighborhoods may have permit parking, but if your apartment or townhouse comes with private parking you’ll notice the improvement in your quality of life and sense of security right away!

Does the apartment allow for pets?

Simply put, do you have a beloved furry friend or would you like to get one? Many buildings have strict pet policies including no pets allowed at all. Some landlords will allow for a cat or small dog in the unit, some may want a pet deposit if they suspect a larger animal could cause damage or make a mess in the apartment. It’s always best to ask before you sign any lease.


How expensive is it to rent an apartment in Redondo Beach, CA? 

With many different neighborhoods from which to choose and so many different apartment types in the area, Redondo Beach is an affordable place to live. The price of your rent will depend on a variety of factors such as the types of amenities you want, the number of bedrooms in the unit, the type of unit you select, square footage, and whether or not you choose to have roommates who will be contributing to the cost of rent each month.  

How many apartments are available in Redondo Beach, CA? 

Redondo Beach is a very popular location and while you can find apartments of all sizes in just about every neighborhood, units do go fast. Something that might be available today is very likely gone tomorrow. If you’re thinking about settling down in this wonderful part of Los Angeles, it would be good to start looking early and be proactive in your search.

Who can I contact for more information on Redondo Beach apartments? 

If you’re looking for an apartment in the Redondo Beach area, don’t hesitate to contact The CitiZen today! We offer refurbished apartments and townhomes in multiple locations across Redondo Beach. Contact us to learn more or take a virtual tour of our units!


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